Reading Assesment Task Term 2
Updated: 6/2/2020
Reading Assesment Task Term 2

Storyboard Text

  • 'Help!'
  • "Splash!"
  • 'Slurp!'
  • This is a picture of when Brian was in the plane and the pilot was having a heart attack. They are flying high above the water and moutains. I chose this sceen because it had me on the edge of my seat. This image is important because it is the incident that leads to Brian being stranded in an unknown place. "Bad aches here. Bad aches. Thought it was something I ate but..."
  • This is a Picture of when Brian found some fish and beavers in the lake, He was glansing at the warter which reflected his face. I choose this sceen because, I thought he found fish so he would eat them but no he didn't. this image is important because He could of had nice fresh fish but he didn't"Hundreds of them, jumping and slapping the warter."
  • This Picture is when Brian was at the lake and he decided to drink it because he was thirsty. I choose this scene because it was a bit of a weird scene because he expected the water of a lake to be good. "A sip, still worrying about the lake water."
  • This picture is when Brian finds shelter he found it right in front of the lake.I choose this because it is a key to survive to find shelter. This is important because he was sleeping on the ground until he found this."No, I had good luck in the landing but was this good luck"
  • This is a picture is when brian found 'Gut Berries' but he didn't realise until after. I choose this part because he ate them like heaps and it was kinda silly eating that many berries."They must be Berry Bushes."
  • This Picture is when he found the sweet berries and while he was there he saw a black bear. I choose this part because this was weird that it just walked away like nothing happened. And the picture is important because it shows that brian was not getting attacked black bear"it was a big bear but did not want you."