Updated: 5/8/2020

Storyboard Text

  • My business, One Bite Closer to Home, will be located in Fairfax County, Va. It is a big restaurant and will include many cultures. My business type is franchising. It will start off with 4 culture
  • The first one is American. It will be themed liked America and have classic American food. To beat American restaurant competition, I will listen to feedback from customers and apply them to the food
  • The next culture is Indian culture. It will be themed closely to India. To beat competition, the chefs will come from this culture or have studied it.
  • The 3rd culture is German. In each room with a different culture there will be subtle, calm music that comes from that specific culture.
  • The last culture is Egyptian. In every culture there will be fancy food but also home-style food that you may have had in your childhood.
  • One Bite Closer to Home will include take out deliver, a easy to use website, catering, fantastic customer service, and authentic cuisine. To expand worldwide, I will advertise and use campaigns to become well known.