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Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • In The Jacket, the main character is the author, Gary Soto, his brother, and his mom. The setting is there house and his school. The conflict is that his mom got him an ugly jacket and nobody likes him because of that.
  • in the rising action, Gary asks his mom for a new jacket. He described a leather jacket with silver studs, and a belt.
  • Gary walked into his room and found a green jacket, He thought it was for his brother but he was wrong. He put it on and he looked ugly in it. He hated it.
  • Gary went outside mad about his new jacket and threw orange peels into an open garbage can. He teased his dog Brownie and Brownie sunk his teeth into his new jacket and ripped an L-shaped tear in it.
  • In he climax, Gary went to school and got a D on his math quiz . He got bullied because of his jacket, even the teachers laughed at his jacket.
  • In the falling action, Gary wore the jacket for 3 years and talked to nobody exept for the ugly kids you leaned on a fence and watched everybody else walk by.