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Updated: 2/7/2020
Unknown Story
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  • You need to pay your taxes for buying glass, lead, paint, and tea
  • NO!
  • I Charles Townshed will tax the colonist in America on their glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea
  • *Gasps*
  • The Stamp Act (March 1765) was an act of parliament of Great Britain which imposed a direct tax. It required many printed materials in the colonies produced on stamp paper.
  • Tea
  • The Townshend acts (June-July 1767) is like the stamp act, taxes were imported like paint, glass, lead, and tea. The money was used to help pay for the British offcials.
  • Excuse me ma'am, you are required to give me shelter and food
  • The Boston Massacre (March 1770) was a street fight and was between a "patriot" mob, throwing snowballs, stones, and sticks and a squad of British soldiers. British soldiers shot and killed about 5 colonists.
  • Alright men! We are going to fight so be prepared to die!
  • The Boston Tea Party (December 1773) was a political protest and these people that go by the Sons of Liberty aboard the ship dressed like Indians and when they got to the Boston Harbor they tossed the tea out of the ship.
  • Tea
  • Tea
  • The Coercive Acts (March-June 1774) They're known as the intolerable acts because its was meant to punish the Massachusetts colonists for their defiance in Tea part protest. The people in the town would have to give the British soldiers a house to stay at.
  • Lexington and Concord (April 1775) first military engagements of the American Revolutionary War, this is also very important because this is the very first battle leading to the American Revolutionary.
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