The history of vaccinations
Updated: 11/22/2019
The history of vaccinations

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  • What is a vaccination doctor and how does it work?
  • Well, the first vaccination was created by Edward Jenner, who found that milk maids did not get smallpox even thought the cows they were milking had cowpox.
  • The cowpox disease was not at all deadly, but had similar properties to the small pox disease, which had no cure at the time. I think that if you have been exposed to a little bit of the virus, then maybe you will learn how to fight smallpox!
  • I decided to gather three things to prove my findings: Small pox from a victim, Cow pox from a cow and someone to test my theory on. I will test on James Phipps, the gardener's son.
  • I can't believe it worked! We injected cowpox into me and after a few months, we we injected small pox and I'm not sick!
  • Yes! my prediction are right! I even tried this on other children and the same results came! I am so happy to know we have finally killed such a deadly plague. however, I am not too sure how exactly I did this!
  • So now we know that when we are given part or a dead cell, our body can learn how to best defend itself against it so we will not be affected once the illness attacks
  • Exactly!
  • How does the body know how to defend itself before the imposters come?
  • The body creates copies of the cell and then studies how to defend itself by looking at other previous attacks from other illnesses.