Natural Selection Comic
Updated: 12/3/2020
Natural Selection Comic

Storyboard Text

  • Once, there were two bunnies who had some differences, but lived in harmony.
  • Hi I'm Mikey!
  • One bunny had brown fur, the other one was a mutant with white fur.
  • Hi I'm Billie!
  • Billie and Mikey were living peacefully, until two big, bad wolves were hunting and smelled something fishy.
  • I smell bunnies.
  • Let's go hunt them down!
  • Billie, do you hear that?!
  • Meanwhile, back at the habitat...
  • Wolves! Quick, hide!
  • Billie! Nooo!
  • Sadly, Billie was eaten by the wolves, because his fur color stood out from the snow.
  • Help!
  • I think that's it.
  • However, because of Mikey's white fur, he was able to camouflage into the snow and survive the fittest.
  • Okay, let's move along then.