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Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Mexico Welcomes Angelo-American Immigrants
  • This is some nice country.
  • what?
  • 1835 New Dictator of Mexico
  • I am your dictador!
  • Battle of Gonzales
  • Come and take it!
  • The Mexicans invited Angelo-Americans into Texas in hopes of keeping the land out of American hands. The immigrants didn't adjust to Mexican life at all. They continued to speak english, made their own schools, and didn't convert to Catholicism.
  • Battle of the Alamo
  • The current Mexican president, Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, overthrew the constitution and declared himself the dictator of Mexico. His first orders were to begin disarming the Texans whenever possible.
  • Battle of San Jacinto
  • During the Battle of Gonzales, Mexican troops were sent to take a spiked cannon from the Texans. There were only 18 Texans defending the cannon but after it was fired, the Mexican troops retreated.
  • Texas Statehood
  • Now with the compromise, we can welcome Texas into the United States of America!
  • During the battle of the Alamo, only 200 Texans fought and held out against thousands of Mexican troops. Unfortunately almost all the Texans were killed.
  • Mexicans
  • Texans
  • The Battle of San Jacinto lasted under 20 minutes and 630 Mexicans were killed and 730 were captured. The battle helped the U.S. gain Texas and Mexican lands in the west.
  • Texas entered the U.S. as a state on December 29, 1845. A compromise had to be made to keep the balance between free and slave states equal as Texas was a slave state.