Updated: 7/13/2020
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  • Wendy's Songs
  • Black dress, guns in her teethI said, sha, la la la,Chocolate in her spleens, I saidBlack dress, guns in her teethI said sha, la la la,Chocolate in her spleensShush girl, shut your lipsDo the Hellen Keller And talk with your hipsI said shush girl, shut your lipsDo the Hellen KellerAnd talk with your hi
  • Did you hear? The talent show's in two weeks. Any one of your songs would win, no doubt!
  • I'm always stuck in the background at school! Maybe if I perform at the talent show, I won't just be another ordinary girl.
  • Hi, there. My name's Wendy Johnson, and I'm just a girl from Kansas with a couple o' dreams. My best friend, Eva, and I always hang out together. We've done everything together since Kindergarten. She's the only one who knows about my songs.
  • Music is the way I escape from my life. I can focus on the lyrics and go into a completely different world. Songwriting is my passion! I can sometimes feel lonely in the wide, empty fields of Kansas. Without music, Eva, and my family, I'd be totally lost.
  • One day, as Eva and I were heading to my house, Eva brought up the talent show. I've never told anyone about my songs, and I also have major stage fright! Normally, I'd immediately turn it down, but I'm tired of blending in. Maybe this year, I'll stand out.
  • Eva, I don't think I can do it! I-I think this was a mistake!
  • Don't worry! I need to go set up the lights and sound. I know you're going to be great!
  • Wendy, you're up next!
  • The next two weeks, I sang and sang and sang. After looking through all the songs I wrote, I chose the perfect one. Eva helped me practice, and then came the fun part.
  • I knew that if I wanted to win, simply singing a song won't do it. I needed an epic costume and set. Eva and I pieced together the perfect outfit, and we managed to convince the principal to let us use the lights in the auditorium. I finally felt like it was all coming together.
  • I was absolutely terrified. What if my hands are so sweaty that I can't hold my guitar? What if my feet freeze and I'm stuck on stage? I shouldn't have done this...
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