China story
Updated: 3/11/2020
China story
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  • Wahhh give me back my money!
  • Ancient time, people's lives were very backward and robbers and beggars were often seen on the street. with the change of dynasties, people live have improved a lot. people invented banknotes and various shopping cards, WeChat, and alipay on mobile phones. peoples lifestyle is getting more and more convenient.
  • It value is 3.1415926535.... but in oroder to make the calculation better, mathematicians only tale two decimal places after the decimal
  • PAI : 3.1415926535.....................
  • Dream of the red Mansion
  • Journey to the west
  • In China there are four most famous classics, referred to as the four masterpieces. They are respectively: JOURNEY TO THE WEST, DREAM OF THE RED MANSION, WATER MARGIN, THREE KINGDOM. Journey to the west time for TV series at 1982~1988. three kingdoms time for TV series at 1990~1994. Dream of the red margin time for TV series at 1987,and Water margin at 1982. these four masterpieces are deeply loved by the majority of Chinese people, and even some fr
  • three kingdoms
  • Water margin
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