Trabajo de música

Updated: 11/14/2020
Trabajo de música

Storyboard Text

  • Yes, I was looking for someone who could told me the music in this century
  • Have you got lost?
  • Oh, thak you very much, my first question is what is the worst type of music for you
  • I would do it!I love music
  • What tipe of religious? What do you mean?
  • Really in my century the music isn't that weird of girls
  • Our song usually talk about religious things
  • We also give shows like dances, acrobatics, jokes, magic..
  • That's cool, we have youtube were the artist make awesome videos!
  • Our music is in Latin
  • We also listen music in all languages
  • Yes your music is very entertaining.
  • I hope you our music, I like yours is very funny