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Archie Hennessy Pigeon Impossible Storyboard
Updated: 6/1/2020
Archie Hennessy Pigeon Impossible Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Agent Walter was walking through town carrying his super important special agent briefcase
  • Agent Walter sat down on a bench to eat a delicious Donut. A pesky pigeon sat down beside him and tried to pinch it from him.
  • The pesky pigeon got stuck inside the briefcase and flew all over town.
  • The pesky pigeon started to press lots of important buttons, causing chaos and destruction in the town. Agent Walter held the donut high in the air but the pesky pigeon missed and landed on a big red button, sending a explosive rocket to Moscow
  • Agent Walter and the pigeon went after the rocket, the pigeon still wanted the donut so Walter flew behind him and the bird flew down to catch it. Walter fired a tiny missile at the rocket and it exploded
  • After stopping the rocket from reaching Moscow, Agent Walter flew down on his suitcase to find the pesky pigeon eating the donut. As Walter walked away leaving the town in chaos, a remaining piece of rocket fell from the sky and squished the pesky pigeon.
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