Cars Storyboard #1
Updated: 6/18/2020
Cars Storyboard #1
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  • Speak when you win the race.
  • Bet I can beat you, boy!
  • Help me!
  • Oh no! I need to save him!
  • T..Thank much...
  • Here! Let me flip you the right way...
  • The Porsche and Honda are racing for $600. They can buy a brand new engine or new body paint with this money.
  • I will be off then.
  • Please take care of Honda well, Ambulance. I will visit the HealthyVehicles in 30 mins to check Honda out.
  • I will do my best to save your friend, sir.
  • Just as Honda sped in front of Porsche, he got flung off the ground by a speed bump. This caused him to be upside-down. Porshe quickly speeds toward Honda to check him out.
  • Here is the $600 you deserve for winning the race, sir.
  • Thank you! I will do something really nice with this money!
  • I really think you deserve something really valuable.*Gives $600*
  • As hero of the day, Porsche turned Honda over to get him on his wheels again. Although Honda got badly injured and felt sore, four words barely came out of his hood: Thank You So Much.
  • Thank you so much! I feel so much better because of this surprising gift!
  • Firetruck put out the fire and smoke that was produced from Honda's engine. Honda got put in Ambulance to be transported to HealthyVehicles Hospital. Porsche worries about Honda and decides to visit him later.
  • Master AC Cobra gave Porsche the $600 for winning the race despite the accident with Honda. Porsche plans to do something "really nice" with this money...What could it be?
  • 20 minutes have passed and Porsche arrived at HealthyVehicles Hospital. To surprise Honda, almost cured, he gave him the $600 he received from "winning the race." ........This proves that a great deed means a ton for that person.
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