romulus and remus : the founding of rome
Updated: 11/25/2019
romulus and remus : the founding of rome

Storyboard Text

  • scene 1
  • scene 2
  • sence 3
  • this is how story of two twins started remus and romulus were babys how came ashore becuase of there uncle how shoved them into a river so he could be the next ruler so that they would die but they came ashore on a river a she wolf came and seen them it took pity and took them in it proteceted them for a wile.
  • scene 4
  • i want the city to be bult on the great palatine hill
  • no i think e should make it on the beautiful aventine hill
  • a shepard an his wife come walking alog a path when they see romelus adn remues with the she wolf so they then take the babys from the she wolf and raise them as there on.
  • scene 5
  • they then grew up and are now sheperds and after countless frights , captures , rescuese , and killing inspiredthem to find there own city .
  • scene 6
  • they both want to pick different hills so they then fright after for the hill and go see some one thats says a phropce