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Working Time
Updated: 10/11/2019
Working Time
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Storyboard Text

  • Choose your character and get them to work!
  • Working time
  • Avoid the tigers and the vines
  • Get across the river safely
  • This is the title and character selection screen of working time. It entails the player picking one of the provided animals, and playing through the levels with them
  • Win the rat race!
  • This is first of the four levels, the jungle. Within the jungle the player sets out from the cave and must jump on safe trees in order to avoid the moving threat the tiger, however the trees will not be safe forever for if the player stays on the trees for too long they will be snatched up by the vines!
  • Scale the tower!
  • The following level the river follows the player as they leave the jungle onto greener pastures, as the payer attempts to cross a hazardous river, jumping onto safe logs while avoiding the crocodiles, but if the player takes too long they will be washed out to sea!
  • You got to work!
  • In this level the city the player must run form a horde of employable individuals in order to get to work before them, this is a joking reference to the metaphor of the "rat race" in this level the player must constantly move forward in order to avoid the horde, while also jumping over threatening cars
  • The final level The tower requires that the player must scale an office tower using the platforms provided to get to the top of the building (the players office) within the time limit.Additionally the player must not fall from the platform lest they fall and loose a life (of which the player only has three).
  • This is a representation of what the player will see at the end of the game, when their chosen animal reaches the end of the level and gets to work on time. The final message displayed will show "this could've all be avoided if you set your alarm" harking back to the original message of organisation and punctuality in a working environment
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