Updated: 3/18/2020

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  • Riley’s teacher was very worried about Riley’s school life. So she called Riley’s mom and asked for a parent-teacher meeting
  • There is? I am sorry Riley doesn’t tell me much about her school life. Since our home life is so frantic. 
  • Thank you for coming to meet me today, I think we have a lot to discuss Riley’s academic lifestyle.
  • That is part of what I want to discuss, Riley is a very bright girl, yet she never does any of her homework, so even though I don’t think she deserves it but there is nothing else I can do.She says several times that she didn’t have the time to do the homework because she had to take care of her siblings. And she also has said that one time she did the homework, but then it was drenched because of a flood? I just want to know how much of that is accurate.