Luthra Project
Updated: 6/29/2020
Luthra Project
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Storyboard Description

8 to 10 minute video for HER

Storyboard Text

  • Opening (0 to 10 seconds)
  • Setting the Stage (10 seconds to 1 minute)
  • Transition to Interview (1:00 to 1:05)
  • Visual: HER transitions in and holdsAudio: sound effects of transition
  • Questions #1 (1:05 - 3:30), Question #2 (3:30 - 6:00), Question #3 (6:00 - 8:30)
  • Visual: capture each over the other's shoulder for greeting; walking down path towards backyard and returning down path towards driveway (front, back, and side), pan from point of interest to them walking, shoulders to feet (& reverse) as they walk, bottom of sari (Video - Daughters of the Dust (2:28):, side view, and close ups of jewelry, hair, clothing), drone shot of them walking Audio: Instrumental &/or voice over
  • Exiting the Stage (8:30 to (9:00)
  • Visual: Transition to interview setting - show pics of guest in movies? pics of 2 ladies? zoom out from flowers on table to wider shot for interview?Audio: instrumental music Notes: Rearrange flowers from path
  • Closing and Additional Shots (9:00 to 9:20)
  • Record questions being asked from front, interviewer, and guest angles, video from Sandy's chair and from actress chair (Video - Close Ups (1:08):; record being answered from front and interview angle; close ups of each person, earrings, eyes, smile, hair; zoom back from flowers on table and fringe on umbrella; shot from house that shows scenery; pan up from ending (tea, standing up) to sky, then drone of two standing, walking.
  • Visual: Shoot concurrently with Setting the Stage. Audio: Voiceover and/or instrumental musicQuestion: Drone footage of interview and walking down path for exit
  • Visual: HER in two languages; Whole Lotta Sound Logo and description, drone footage?Audio: Sound effects in transition/ instrumental
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