Updated: 3/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Moses - author of the Book of Genesis
  • Plato - the creator of dialogues entitled Timaios
  • 1. Hello, Plato
  • 2. Oh, hi Moses. What an unexpected meeting!
  • 1. I'd like to talk to you about the creation of the world.
  • 2. Oh, if you've read my dialogues - Timaois, you should know that, in my opinion, there was chaos in the beginning, which was put in order by builder - Demiurge.
  • 1. I can agree with you in one aspect - in the beginning there was chaos, emptiness; but-
  • 3. Let me finish... It's not Demiurge, or whatever, who sorted out the chaos. It was God who created our beautiful reality in just 6 days. Sky, Earth, plants and animals - these are all his work.
  • 2. See'ya? I'm right and you agree with me!
  • 2. Ehh... Let's stop arguing, Plato. We can agree that there was chaos in the beginning. But there is no point in arguing about our own beliefs.
  • 1. Oh, ok. Think what you want, but you should know that you are wrong. It is ideas that create the world, and it is Demiurge who built it.
  • 3. You're absolutely right, Moses. We'd better walk along the river bank and look at the beauty of this world, no matter who we think made it.
  • It's so beautiful here!
  • The End