Saint Dywen
Updated: 1/29/2021
Saint Dywen

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  • This is who I'm supposed to marry!?
  • The story of Saint Dywen
  • Dynwen, listen!
  • I won't, Father, I won't!
  • Dynwen doesn't like her Father's (the king) choice of husband-
  • She had already fallen in love with Maelon, a peasant...
  • No buts, Dynwen! I'm not talking to you ever again!
  • You'll have both of us hanged!
  • But Maelon...
  • ...But Maelon was angry she had disobeyed her father.
  • Then, one night when Dywen was sleeping, in her dream she saw an angel
  • She dreamt Maelon frozen in a block of ice, crying
  • She didn't do anything as he needed to pay for his sins
  • She thought...
  • I do not want to be broken-hearted again. I shall become a nun
  • She woke next morning
  • Many broken-hearted people viseted her....