Updated: 12/11/2020

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • Wait do you hear the screaming above us?
  • Hey Trina Why don't you come sit over here by me?
  • RUN!
  • The scene descibes the fallout of their time, when the berg, or a quad copter, was spreading a disease in the new found town that was killig many people and making many more insane. The thought that ran through both of their heads were " Why are they shooting at us with needles." This scene is what helps push Mark, the vengeance that builds up and his friend Trina getting kidnapped, ultimately leads to the following events in the Story. Mark and Alec are able to get the berg down, and then discover the disease that they men in the suits who had shot at them, and then came back to see the village in terror and that's when Mark, Trina, Alec, and Lana moved on.
  • The sun flares did this Trina, friyng the electronics and then the electricity and now the sea is here and its toxic.
  • How did this happen? I dont understand how things went from good to bad so fast.
  • Though Trina and Mark had both escaped the deadly sun flares, Mark's family suffered in the process, and that's when they met the man named Alec, a veteran that served in the military, and a women named Lana, who knew Alec before the sun flares. The crudely made slide is expose to represent the two main characters stuck in the fictional Lincoln building, where poisonous water awaits just a few story's beneath them to kill them. Though they were both safe, the next events is what makes the Maze Runner Possible.
  • Why are they shooting at us? That makes no sense when their expose to help us.
  • Run Trina their shooting at us with needles from the berg! Get to cover !