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TDT1 - Task 3 Storyboard
Updated: 8/24/2020
TDT1 - Task 3 Storyboard
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  • Today we are going to discuss arrays! Arrays are a way to represent multiplication equations using columns and rows!
  • Word Wall:factor - a number multiplied by another numberrow - a horizontal set of itemscolumn - a vertical set of items
  • Let's review a few terms!
  • 2 x 32 rows of 3
  • We can use rows and columns to represent a multiplication equation. The first factor will be the rows and the second will be the columns.
  • 3 x 23 rows of 2
  • When we use the commutative property to switch the factors, our array changes. Let's look!
  • 4 x 44 rows of 4
  • If our factors are the same, our array will look like a square and the order of the factors does not matter.
  • 3 x 23 rows of 2
  • You may also see arrays displayed as boxes like this! This will help us later on when we work on area models!
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