Elev8ed Personal Wellness Video Campaign produced by Will Hinson (willhinson.co
Updated: 5/12/2020
Elev8ed Personal Wellness Video Campaign produced by Will Hinson (willhinson.co

Storyboard Description

Elev8ed Personal Wellness is looking to show the world that we're more than a store that sells supplements, but a modern solution for the health concerns of our new world. The video begins on a dramatic note, playing on the state of uncertainty within our community. From here, we look to inspire and enable our community to live the Elev8ed lifestyle by showcasing product variety, their uses and benefits, and the different demographics of people that can find benefit from the Elev8ed line of products.

Storyboard Text

  • Opening Sequence
  • Ghost Town Sequence
  • Products & Benefits
  • "We've been through times like these before."
  • The Elev8ed Lifestyle
  • "Sometimes things happen out of our control and there's no stopping that. You can, however, control how you respond."
  • The Elev8ed Lifestyle pt.2
  • "Now more than ever, we have access to things that help us live better, stronger, and longer lives."
  • The Elev8ed Community
  • "Products that improve mood, sleep, and immunity while alleviating stress and pain
  • Choose to Elev8 your body, Elev8 your mind, Elev8 your spirit, Elev8 your life.
  • I know the first steps can be scary, let's take them together.