The Railway Children - Chapter 8
Updated: 6/2/2020
The Railway Children - Chapter 8

Storyboard Text

  • Peter
  • "I've got something else to keep besides birthdays”
  • Bobbie
  • Phyllis
  • Perks
  • Bargie
  • Don't you know these 'ere waters is preserved? You ain't no right catching fish 'ere—not to say nothing of your precious cheek.”
  • “You'll find me up at the 'Rose and Crown' when you've got the kid to sleep”
  • Wife & Baby
  • The children and Perks are talking about birthdays. Perks says he's stopped remembering his! The three children decide to go fishing.
  • "What's that?""It's on fire - that's all - serve him right""The BABY!"
  • When they were fishing at the canal, the barge told them off for being in the way and got Angry with Peter.
  • “I've got the kid"
  • The barge went off to the Rose and Crown pub, leaving his wife with the baby, singing to it to help it go to sleep. The children watched from a distance.
  • "You've saved a little child's life. I do think that's enough for one evening. Oh, my darlings, thank God YOU'RE all safe!”
  • The baby was a very good sleeper so the wife (Maria) went away. Just as they were about to go home, Phyllis pointed to the canal boat with smoke coming form the chimney of the cabin!
  • The three children rushed to save the baby from the boat that was on fire. Bobbie ran to the pub to tell the barge and his wife.
  • The bargie was drunk but the wife rushed to her baby. For such bravery, the barge said they could go fishing whenever they wanted! Mother was worried about the children and pleased when they got home.
  • Mother