War Of 1812 1
Updated: 11/2/2020
War Of 1812 1

Storyboard Text

  • Why I do say if we keep trading with both the French and the British during this war, we will quickly become one of the richest nations or my name isn't James Madison.
  • Meanwhile, at the Battle of Trafalgar...
  • I can't believe it, we beat the French Navy!
  • Europe is ours!
  • Why are you doing this? I'm just a trader. Not only can I not sell my wares due to the blockade, but now I'm getting impressed too?
  • You sound rather British, congratulations, you just became a member of the British Navy.
  • Sir the British are not respecting out right to Neutrality, they have instituted a loose blockade and are impressing our merchants, we must declare war!
  • The South and West support a proposed war on the British, but New England will have to come around.
  • We cannot compete with Britain's Navy, we will have to attack British North America.
  • They will probably see us as liberators, taking this whole continent was always our destiny.
  • Get me a pen and paper, its time to write a declaration of war.