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Paleolithic VS. Neolithic comic
Updated: 9/24/2019
Paleolithic VS. Neolithic comic
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  • In the Neolithic age people traded resources, so they lived very lively lives with lot's of different resources, they could trade because they had so much food.
  • here is your piglet!
  • Here is your sugarcane!
  • In the Neolithic age people farmed and then stored their crops in their houses for the winter. They also domesticated animals and used cows and goats for milk. In the winter they butchered the animals for food.
  • Let's start farming! Then we can store our crops for the winter
  • In the Neolithic age people stayed in one place for a while because they could store food for winter, so they had more permanent settlements.
  • Finally i am home, time to relax in my cozy house after working in the fields all morning.
  • In the Paleolithic age people only had enough food for themselves so they couldnt trade, so their resources are very limited
  • no i only have enough for myself sorry
  • Can i have some food?
  • In the Paleolithic age people could only use what they had in their area. when they ran out of resources in their area they had to move to a new place.
  • *sigh* that was the last of the deer! and all of the plants have died! Time to move again
  • In the Paleolithic age people had to move around to where the food was, so their homes had to be very temporary. They would live in caves or tents.
  • *sigh* a long day of work and all i get to come back to is a dusty old cave. come ginger!
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