The Odyssey-Family Talks-part one
Updated: 1/20/2019
The Odyssey-Family Talks-part one

Storyboard Text

  • Narrator: Meanwhile on Mt. Olympus, Athena went before her father Zeus.
  • Athena: Mighty Zeus, I come before asking a favor.
  • Zeus: Athena My favorite daughter! You know i will grant you anything - if it's in my power.
  • Athena: This favor has to do with Odysseus.
  • Zeus: I'm not surprised. He has become your pet project, hasn't he?
  • Athena: I have made it my mission to see him safely home.
  • Zeus: Well, that is tricky business, isn't it? Many of the Greeks offended the gods during the war at Troy. For their crimes they must not reach their homes without a few trials.
  • Athena: Odysseus has already been at sea for nearly nine years! For seven of tjose years, Calypso the Concealer has held him prisoner in her little love nest!
  • Zeus: There are worse ways to spend seven years.
  • The god Poseidon - his beard matted with seaweed and brian - appeared beside his Olympian brother
  • Athena: Father, hasn't he suffered enough?
  • -End of part one-
  • Poseidon: I can answer that question for you.
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