China Dynasty Storyboard
Updated: 12/17/2019
China Dynasty Storyboard
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  • Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD)
  • Had 17 kingdoms, and after it ended in 220 AD, It left China in chaos.It had no rulers and different warlord ruled separate kingdoms.Korea broke away and became independent during this time.
  • No more rulers!Only warlords!
  • Warring States Period
  • This was a time of war, and when Buddhism took over China and replaced Confucianism.Buddhism taught people how to be peaceful and happy.
  • Buddhism will help you be more peaceful!
  • The Sui Dynasty reunited China with force and conquered nearby regions.They rebuild the Great Wall of China and created the Grand Canal.
  • Sui Dynasty (221 AD - 206 AD)
  • We need a canal for trade!
  • Tang and Song Dynasty (960 AD - 906 AD)
  • Confucianism will be our religion again!
  • Known as China's Golden Age.Confucianism is popular again.Achievements in law, medicine, agriculture, science, math, etc.
  • Genghis Khan attacks China.His Grandson conquers China.They came for China's wealth.
  • Yuan Dynasty (1279 AD - 1368 AD)
  • Ming Dynasty (1368 AD- 1644 AD)
  • China gets their country backThe ruler trusted no one and sent spies to kill thousands of people.He passes laws against foreigners.
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