The Legend of Ehsan and Siham
Updated: 4/8/2020
The Legend of Ehsan and Siham
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  • The Market 
  • WOW! This place is amazing!
  • There are so many people!
  • Real golden bangles for money- or trade with me!
  • Those bangles could sell for alot if we stole them!
  • We've left that life of crime, remember??
  • Anyway, we should be getting home.
  • After hours of aimlessly wondering around, the boys finally made it home...
  • *YAWN*
  • But, as they entered, they noticed a strange figure standing in the corner...
  • And then it spoke:
  • It is not important who I am, but who you brothers are - one day, both of you will rule over all of Persia, but first,you must listen to my words of wisdom...
  • The figure laughed a horrible laugh, then dissapeared...
  • The king, Darius I, has found half a map to ahidden oasis, guarded by an evil and wretched ghoul...
  • you are to find the oasis before him, and youwill gain power over all of Persia!
  • Left in the figures place was a peice of paper, but no ordinary peice of paper-
  • It was a map, half a map to be exact. They stared at the map and realised that it lead to a hidden oasis... The adventure was yet to come!
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