The tempest 2
Updated: 6/22/2020
The tempest 2
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  • On another part of the island, Alonso,Sebastian, Antonio and Gonzalo are happy they made it to the island safely but they think Ferdinand drowned. Alonzo wishes he never let his daughter marry the prince of Tunis because then Ferdinand would still be alive. Gonzalo tries to remain positive. Arial appears (not litterally as he is invisible) and plays music that puts Alonso and Gonzalo to sleep. Sebatian and Antonio plot to kill the sleeping men so they could become King. As they are about to stab them, Ariel wakes them up and Sebastian and Antonio's plans are stopped. Sebastian and Antonio make up an awful excuse that they drew there swords to protect them from lions. Arial goes back to Prospero.
  • Caliban was hauling wood for Prospero when he sees Trinculo. He thinks Trinculo is a spirit sent by Prospero. Caliban curls up under his cloak and Trincoulo joins him because a storm is about to come. Stephano is drunk and sees them huddled together he then tries to get Caliban to drink. Trinculo recognizes Stephano and then the three of them drink together and Caliban becomes quite drunk.
  • Prospero makes erdi to work hauling wood. Ferdinand finds his labor pleasant because it is for Miranda’s sake. Miranda, thinking that her father is asleep, tells Ferdinand to take a break. The two flirt with one another. Miranda proposes marriage, and Ferdinand accepts. Prospero has been on stage most of the time, unseen, and he is pleased with this development.
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