Updated: 4/7/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I am the prettiest of them all! Nobody will ever match my beauty!
  • What a shame this was wasted on someone like Athena and not used to showcase my beauty
  • Medusa thought very highly of herself and would share this with anybody who stopped long enough to listen.
  • Nonsense! Even if you are prettier than me, that is no way to talk to people! Beauty will get you no where in life. Do looks fight in battle or rule over a kingdom? No!
  • One day Medusa and her friends went to Athena's temple.
  • Now nobody can look at you without turning into stone, not even you!
  • Medusa's friends couldn't believe what they had just heard her say! They all ran out in fear of Athena's punishment.
  • Athena had enough! She yelled at Medusa and thought of the proper punishment for her behavior.
  • Medusa was turned into a monster!
  • Medusa was forced to live out the rest of her life on the cliffside far from civilization.