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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/22/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Intro to the Hero's worlds {Separation}.
  • The joker
  • Harvey, Rachel,s boyfriend
  • Batman is the hero of the city, he was a normal person until he moved to be a hero for the community
  • Calling action.
  • hey Batman , I will kill you
  • Crossing the threshold
  • I will stop you and take you to jail
  • Batman is the Protagonist
  • The main characters in the story: Gotham city, Batman, Harvey,Rachel,The joker and Gordon.
  • Mentor, First challenge and Temptation
  • I want to come back as a normal person and stop being Batman , stop trying to be a hero
  • Gordon
  • Rachel
  • yeah, leave the city
  • His big challenge since the beginning was the joker, The joker makes the city worst and destroyed a lot of things. Batman was trying to stop him.
  • Final battle and Dark moment
  • yes, that is right
  • Batman should leave the city, because of him we are dying
  • The joker control all the city, the community did not like Batman because the joker said, because of batman, the joker was killing everyone
  • Return Home
  • Batman wanted to leave and come back as a normal person, but he had a close friend called Harvey, and He needed Batman to kill the joker. Batman's mentor was Harvey, they worked together so they could take the joker to jail, Harvey makes plan for everything.
  • We have to stop him, Batman i need your help
  • you guys wont stop me, i am like the god of gotham city
  • I will stop you joker, you wont take Rachel, i wont let you
  • The first encounter with the joker was in the bank, when the joker went for Rachel, before he tried to take Rachel, Batman came and beat him up. Batman was tempted, by the community and that was keeping him away from the journey.
  • Where is Rachel -_-
  • Leave me alone joker, what do you want from me
  • Protect Rachel PLease
  • please do not do this Harvey..
  • The final battle, he had to kill his best friend Harvey , because he turn to the dark side, because his girlfriend die and it was Gordon fault, he burn the half of his face. then Harvey tried to kill Batman and Gordon's family then, the joker appear and started fighting with Batman after Harvey die, but Batman could beat up the joker and put him on Jail. after all this things, Batman run away and left the city because he noticed they don't need him.
  • Rachel dead
  • Harvey, MR two face. Rachel die because of Gordon ...
  • i will kill you Batman ahhaha
  • NO please stop Harvey please stop
  • noooo.. Crying :{{
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