The Big Bad Bully
Updated: 3/18/2020
The Big Bad Bully

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The Big Bad Bully

Storyboard Text

  • Hi! I'm Johnnie
  • Hi! I'm Jarey
  • Hi! I'm Jennee
  • Hi! We're the Jonnsonn twins
  • Hi! I'm Mr. Joreden, nice to meet you.
  • HaHaHaHa
  • Hey, we were using that!
  • So, Jarey, Johnnie, Jennee and the Jonnsonn twins were friends. But they were also superheroes!
  • Hey kids! What's up?
  • I'll try.
  • Benny stole our ball, can you help us?
  • There were only two teachers out of ten in the whole school that were nice to them. Their teacher, Mr. Joreden and the principal, Ms. Jennefer. (Mr. Joreden is also a superhero. He's the captain of the team).
  • OK gang.
  • So one day, the friends were out at their HOUR LONG recess, when the school bully came.
  • They went over to Mr. Joreden, who was fortunately on recess duty.
  • After school, the team went to their headquarters (a.k.a the school basement)