Archetypal Hero's Journey: The Epic of Gilgamesh
Updated: 10/10/2018
Archetypal Hero's Journey: The Epic of Gilgamesh
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  • The hero Gilgamesh went around the world and knew of many things. He is in search of a new place to go, and he chooses Uruk, since no other could handle his arms. Residents of Uruk did not like Gilgamesh because of his arrogance. By his side stood Enkidu, who was also his bestfriend.
  • I am a king of great beauty and courage, and I know all
  • Gilgamesh believes that life is too short, and decides that he should go into the forest of cedars and kill Humbaba. He convinces his best friend, Enkidu, to come with him.
  • Gilgamesh rejects the goddess Ishtar's advances, causing her to become upset and send the bull of heaven to kill him.
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