last part
Updated: 2/14/2021
last part

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  • Mom, tell us the truth. Are we really a daughter of a devil fish?
  • Did your father tell you that!? How dare him, he broke his promise.
  • Looks like me and your father isn't for each other. Then I will him and i'll make my own home.
  • The nature angrily react to the brooked promise of Batara Guru. Nature give a exclusive place to the fish-woman. The volcano erupted and leave a very big hole. It rained two nights and one day.The hole filled with water, and many stories have spread in the land about the mysterious nature activity.
  • As time past by, people are still wondering how the river was formed for less than two days. " The Legend of Lake Toba " is a constant reminder to the lovers to be truthful and always hold your temper. THE END.