Water cycle
Updated: 11/7/2018
Water cycle
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about a raindrop named Billy how goes Through the water cycle, painful,sad , and happy moments. included, watch and ready billy long ride while he goes around 3 times.

Storyboard Text

  • Hi, I am billy, a raindrop. as you can see I am in the air. I am going through the water cycle right now, this is called precipitation
  • So now I am going through the Run off part of the water cycle, when I run off a mountain.  Ouch, that rock hurt.
  • Ok so now I am going to surface water, I am going to go in the soil and sit here for a while and wait here for the sun to come out.
  • Ah that buns. Ok so now I am going through the evaporation phase, did I mention I am in the Atmosphere and when I went down the mountain I was in the hydrosphere. So I'm going to go through condensation and then when I am done we are going to go around again but with a few different ways. 
  • So now I'm in the percolation phase and, Plop, now I'm in the ground water phase and now i'm in transportation because i went through the tree and now I repeat to condesation and go around again, when it rains.
  • while i'm waiting for it to rain again i'm going to tell you about the Earths four spheres. As I said not not too long ago, when I am run off the mountain I am in the hydrosphere, when I am falling from the sky I am in the Biosphere. when I'm waiting to jump out of the cloud, like now, I am in the atmosphere.And when I go under to ground water I am in the Lithosphere witch is also in the Geo-sphere.
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