Summary of Wicked Girls
Updated: 12/9/2020
Summary of Wicked Girls

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  • Larissa WitkiewiczWicked Girls Stephanie Hemphill
  • Do tell!
  • Have you heard the minister's daughters have been having terrible fits and have been named possessed?
  • Father also says that that must mean someone in the village is using witchcraft.
  • We all see the "Invisible World" and are choked and pricked by the witches.
  • I see witches all around!
  • Now Ann when the reverend mentions the witch you and Margaret will both shake and fall to the ground.
  • When I touch the witch we will all suddenly be healed.
  • Word goes around that girls in the village have been having these fits and were said to be possessed by witches.
  • The witch shall be shown guilty and will be hung!
  • I see the witch poking Mercy in the invisible world!
  • More and more girls are starting to have the same experience of fits and being affected by witches. Some even claim that they are now seeing the "Invisible World".
  • I am done with these lies and I shall leave for good .
  • I am done with this!
  • The girls soon come together to form a group and find people who have done horrible things and accuses them of witchcraft while pretending to be possessed by these so called witches.
  • The girls the come to the court and through lying and pretending prove that the witches are guilty and that they should be hung.
  • The girls finally realize there mistakes and what they have actually been doing and some leave while others stop pretending to be possessed.
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