mini project food service part 2
Updated: 5/11/2020
mini project food service part 2
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  • Diner's back door
  • I am so glad you're back, Flo. We make a great team!!
  • Yeah, we do! Let's team up to do our best for it, we still have a lot of work that needs to be done! Let's go!
  • Meanwhile, in the shadows...
  • Interesting, I'll have to keep an eye on these do-gooders for the boss.
  • Yes, in this way, we can do much more damage.
  • Couple package service
  • What a lovely diner!
  • Welcome! Yes, sir. We can serve couple package.
  • Yes, I feel so too! Is there any special meal here?
  • Cookie didn't expect that their teamwork can be so successful, so he is very grateful, for the help from Flo.
  • Recommended!
  • The Greasy Spoon Diner Shop Recommended !?- Upgrade your diner to cook faster and earn more coins!
  • On the other hand, some people start to feel uncomfortable, they start want to sabotage plan, because Cookie and Flo's cooperation, leads to their discomfort.
  • Plan failed
  • So how do we destroy it, they install a lot of alarms everywhere!!!
  • The diner already have begun to upgrade to serve couple packages, so this activity give a lot of couple to appreciate the service.
  • Cookie and Flo, successful cooperation
  • Thank you so much Flo, we are the best team.
  • Flo's recommendation to upgrade the diner, this can help to cook faster and get more coins. This can save time and give quick service to customers.
  • Wow! Just upgrade can get more coins? Flo! Is this real???
  • Yes! This real. So, let's upgrade the diner!
  • The failure of the plan caused them to be distressed and unable to take any action. If they did, the alarms will be activate. So, this made them give up their sabotage plan.
  • Arghh, they get everything done!!!
  • Cookie and Flo were very happy that their cooperation can make this diner so successful and can achieve such achievements.
  • Yes, we do great!!! Wow! this diner looks like so pretty and prefect!
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