Mini project food service storyboard comic
Updated: 5/11/2020
Mini project food service storyboard comic
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  • Cookie distressed at the park
  • Oh geez, what a nightmare! The diner's falling apart,the kitchen's a mess...what am I gonna do?!
  • What happen Cookie!? You look worried and disturbed.
  • Surprised and met Flo!
  • Flo!!! You're back! And just in time, I am barely hanging on in here!
  • I'm back! But Cookie what's wrong to you? Why you look so sad?
  • Telling the truth about diner.
  • I know, Flo. I don't know what happened! It...It almost feels like someone was deliberately trying to sabotage the diner!!!
  • Oh my god! What happened to the Greasy Spoon? The diner look like it was hit by a tornado!!
  • A terrible problem happened, Cookie was so worried and disturbed then he sat at the park, thinking what he can do for the diner, he wished Flo can come back to help him to rescue the diner. Just at this time, Flo met Cookie who was looking distressed at the park.
  • At outside supermall, for discussion
  • Ok, Flo. We can do it.
  • When Cookie heard Flo's voice, he felt so surprised. He was feeling so happy because the savior has come. Then, Flo looked at him, feeling very worried, because she had never seen him so sad like this.
  • Explain the situation!
  • Color match Match a customer's color to their table for a Happiness and Dash bonus!!
  • Cookie told all the problems about the restaurant to Flo, because he doesn't know who was trying to sabotage the diner. He was worried about the diner, so he wanted Flo to help him rescue the diner.
  • First customer!
  • Welcome to our diner Miss Rosie. May i help you?
  • They discussed the situation of the diner at the supermall, because the problem is so terrible so they need to solve the problem. Then, Flo gave an idea to Cookie. They can cook and serve customers to make money then renovate parts of the damaged diner.
  • Oh Cookie, don't get paranoid together, we can turn this place around. Now, let's go back to the diner and get to work.
  • Flo explained for the color match: All customers are different, they have their favorite color. So they need to seat them to the color table of their liking, this is important to make the customers feeling happy to enjoy their food.
  • It's Rosie, our first customer and most loyal regular! She loves the color blue. Seat her at a blue table to make her extra happy.
  • Wow, this is a really good diner. Yes, please give me the menu.
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