Cyber Bulling StoryBoard

Updated: 6/19/2020
Cyber Bulling StoryBoard

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  • Maybe I should post something?
  • This is Ethan, Ethan is a 14 year old boy going into the 9th grade. After school he likes to log into Facebook, and relax.
  • RIchy1234- That's a lame post you look so stupid in that picture you should have jumped off that cliff.
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  • DM Richy1234
  • hey why did you say that on my post? It really hurt me.
  • What did I do to you?
  • That was the point you really think anyone likes you? Your so ugly and pathetic.
  • Just shut up and delete your account.
  • Do you think your ugly or pathetic?
  • Then that's all that matters. You shouldn't listen to what bullies think about you.
  • Mom someone told me I'm ugly and I should delete my Facebook account.
  • Ok thanks I feel a lot better.
  • No I don't.
  • In fact that's cyber bulling and you should report them for saying that.
  • Ok i'll do that right now.
  • RIchy1234
  • Report