Noth America story board

Updated: 6/19/2020
Noth America story board

Storyboard Text

  • Migration and Home
  • I grew up in China but recently moved to Canada to go to school. I am living here with my mom and my dad is back in china working.
  • Health and Medicine
  • hello I am Dr. Smith
  • I am here for my yearly checkup
  • Environment and Resources
  • Hello I am a junior ranger
  • B+Life style is hard on some families. In somecases the father works in one country and the wife and kids live in Canada/U.S. For better oppertunities or until the family can be together. They view themselves as multicultural and as global citizens.
  • Education Access to Technology
  • The Food Web
  • A+Throughout north America children will recieve healthcare that is considered to be excellent and afordable. Canada,Mexico, U.S.A. have programs for low-middle income families to access. Children get check-ups, immuniztions, doctor/dentist visits, hospital care, and more
  • Labour
  • I can't go to school becuase I have to work :(
  • A+North America offers an enormous variety of experiences in nature. There are childrens programs to encourage knowledge about the environment and to teach the kids to care for the environment, and its resources.
  • Freedom and Equality
  • A-In North America all children have access to a free public education. In mexico the kids that are in highschool have to pay for their textbooks.
  • Ecosystems
  • Preditor vs Prey
  • CChild labour is still an issue in North America even thought it is a very prosperous region. For example in Mexico, many of the kids drop out of school to go work in plantations.
  • B+In theory, everyone in North America has equal rights to equality an freedoms.