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Ch 68-80 - How to Train Animals
Updated: 4/20/2020
Ch 68-80 - How to Train Animals
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  • Before beginning the training, "stream your sea anchor full out..., prepare a safe haven," and find any "means of bodily protection... You must provoke the matter what beast, you must find its goat." Once you have done so, "you must noisily intrude into the neutral zone, ...make a consistent, recognizable noise to signal your agression." (203)
  • treeee, treeeeee!!!
  • By this time, your animal should be provoked, but not enough "to attack you outright. You want animal that is piqued, peeved,vexed, bothered, irked, annoyed- but not homicidal." You must NOT break eye contact or step into its territory. "Contain your aggression to staring into its eyes and hurling toots and taunts". (203)
  • "As soon as your animal has laid a paw in your have achieved your goal." Be sure not to be "picky or legalistic as to where its paw actually landed." When it has done so, "be unflagging in your outrage...START BLOWING THE WHISTLE AT FULL BLAST and IMMEDIATELY TRIP THE SEA ANCHOR". (204_
  • (Animal territory)
  • TREEEEE!!!
  • (Pi's territory)
  • "Blowing a whistle continuously is exhausting...but you must not falter. Your alarmed animal must associate its increasing nausea with the shrill cries of the whistle." If you get sea sick yourself, stand at the end of the boat, "swaying in the rhythm to the motion imparted by the sea." Your animal should be sick. "You want to see its...limbs trembling, eyes rolled back, a deathly rattle coming from its gaping mouth." When your animal is very sick, stop.
  • *groan*
  • "When enough is enough, stream the anchor...and make sure it has water available when it recovers, with anti-seasickness tablets dissolved in it. Dehydration is a serious danger at this point. Otherwise, retreat to your territory and leave your animal in peace. Water, rest and relaxation, besides a stable lifeboat will bring it back to life.(205)" As a result, your animal should shudder every time it hears the whistle. When the goal is reached, use the whistle sparingly.
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