Rich People Problems
Updated: 2/19/2021
Rich People Problems

Storyboard Text

  • by: Kevin Kwan
  • Ilustrated by: Mira Lalap
  • Julia, honey what's the dealio? I've waited more than 15 minutes for my table!
  • Sorry, Bettina! They showed up before you just did.
  • Hmph! I'm not impressed by big boats
  • We lost our seats to that red-capped Duke of Glencora and his party. That's why!
  • Isn't it the most handsome sailboat you've ever seen?
  • Ooh! Tanned men! I assume that's the duke's security detail? Don't they know that we're all billionaires here on Briland, and this isn't how we roll?
  • Actually, those are bodyguards of the duke's special guest.
  • See that Chinese fellow seated at the end of the table?
  • Shh!! That's Alfred Shang
  • Oh, I didn't even notice him! Am I supposed to know who he is?
  • Wait seriously?!?What's his name again?
  • From what I hear, that chauffeur is the most powerful man in Asia.