From Striking out to Clocking out
Updated: 4/5/2021
From Striking out to Clocking out

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  • Oxycontin!
  • You don't need it anymore
  • Please doc
  • Chad moved on with his life and continued to play baseball for Vanderbilt college. But later Chad would come to realize how much he was craving more oxy
  • He tried asking his doctor for it back but the doctor said he didn't need it anymore. So he did it another way, he bought the drug illegally. Then continued the use
  • Chad kept up his amazing career, and the MLB just loved him more and more each day. But eventually, the school figured out about his substance abuse and kicked him off the team. Slowly Chad ran out of money
  • Chad was no longer able to afford the medication anymore. But he knew how much his body depended on the medication. So he went on to the streets one day and got an illegal drug called Heroin.
  • Chad went deeper and deeper into the addiction and couldn't stop, this wasn't good for his health. He slowed down and became a liability to loved ones. Then, heroin took yet another victim, at the age of 37 Chad passed away
  • Chad was a good person but just like the rest, he got caught by the bait. When they get addicted, all people want is that high again. So they might get a job to afford the high, and in Chad's case he went from striking out to clocking out