Rocks and the Rock Cycle
Updated: 4/1/2020
Rocks and the Rock Cycle
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There are three types of rocks: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic. Through the Rock Cycle, these rocks are able to change into a different rock. Ex, Igneous to sedimentary, sedimentary to metamorphic, ect.

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  • Sedimentary Rocks are formed from tiny bits of sediment, that build up layers called strata over many years. Sedimentary rocks are common rocks with fossils found in them, because their layers can preserve them for many years.
  • Igneous Rocks are formed when lava (extrusive) or magma (intrusive) cools. 
  • Metamorphic Rocks are Formed when parent rocks that are underground are put under immense heat and pressure, causing them to change.
  • Igneous to SedimentaryWhen Igneous rocks undergo weathering and erosion, it eventually breaks down, with little bits of sediment remaining. These bits of sediment are compacted and cemented, which eventually forms a sedimentary rock.
  • Sedimentary and Igneous to MetamorphicWhen a sedimentary or igneous rock goes through a lot of heat and pressure, it changes into a new rock, called a metamorphic rock. This change is usually beneath Earth's surface.
  • Metamorphic to IgneousWhen a metamorphic rock is heated and melted, it forms magma underground. When that magma cool, it is now an igneous rock.
  • Metamorphic to SedimentaryLike other rocks, metamorphic rocks can go through weathering and erosion, breaking down the rock. The broken down pieces (sediment) build up layers that are cemented and compacted to form sedimentary rocks.
  • All three rock families can be changed into another rock family over time, and in any order. Rocks rock!!
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