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Les Miserable-s 2
Updated: 2/19/2020
Les Miserable-s 2
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  • In 1792, however, the revolution took a turn as Louis XVI and the nobility refused to accept the limited monarchy. The French nobility attempted to mobilize foreign powers to support the king and restore the old order of France; in resistance, Assembly declared war against Austria and Prussia in April 1792, and further on Spain, Britain and the Netherlands the following year. Fearing counter-revolution and military defeat, revolutionary leaders created the Convention, which abolished the monarchy and established the First French Republic.
  • wow, we made a new government yay!
  • wrong revolution buddy
  • cool. I wish I could've been in the room where it happened
  • The establishment of the First French Republic was accompanied by the institution of the evée en masse (“mass levy”), which drafted people and resources for military use, and the Reign of Terror, where the government executed opponents of the revolution, including the king and queen themselves. Chaos peaked in 1793 and 1794 with Maximilien Robespierre—a ruthless but popular radical—dominating the Convention alongside the radical Jacobin party. They promoted their revolutionary agenda through methods including the elimination of the influence of Christianity in place of a "cult of reason" and executing even suspected enemies of the revolution.
  • darn it! how dare you >:(
  • Eventually, Robespierre and his allies were arrested in July 1794 by fellow radicals who fell out of favor with them. A group of conservative men then ruled France under the Directory, which struggled to resolve economic, military and social issues within France. The French Revolution finally concluded in November 1799 when Napoleon Bonaparte, a young general, seized power and brought France political stability.
  • hahaha france is mine oui oui baguette
  • in ur face louis xvi
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