Comic Strip Branches of GOV
Updated: 1/30/2021
Comic Strip Branches of GOV

Storyboard Text

  • Hi there, welcome to the legislative branch. I assume you know everything we do here so-
  • Oh, in that case I'll explain what we do here in the legislative branch
  • -I actually have no idea. You seem to know, care to tell me?
  • First off, the legislative branch is made up of the General Assembly. The General Assembly is made up of two houses. The House of Representatives and the Senate. We, the legislative branch make and pass all of the laws here in Georgia.
  • But before the laws are officially made it goes through a process. It first starts off a a bill, then gets sent to one of the houses for approval. It then gets sent to the governor if both houses agree, from there the governor can pass it as a law or veto it and reject the bill.
  • OhhhhhhhNow I get it, Thanks.
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  • The judicial branch is the one out of the three branches that interprets the law. There are two types of cases. Criminal and Civil law. There are differences between them. A criminal case has something to do with felonies murder, stealing, shoplifting, and all those things while civil law has to do with personal affairs like arguments and property. The judicial branch makes sure that all laws are applied equally and that any criminal case is reasonable.
  • Excuse me.Where am I?
  • The Execu- what?
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  • Oh, why you're at the Executive branch.
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  • *sigh* Why don't you come over here, and I'll explain to you.
  • Ok, so the Executive branch is run by the governor. The governor's has duties in the executive branch and those are suggesting new state programs and laws, proposing and directing the state budget, and appointing members of state boards. There's also a lieutenant governor. The lieutenant governor presides over the senate. If the Governor dies or leaves during their term, the lieutenant governor will take place as governor in their stead.
  • The executive branch is the branch that carries out the laws and makes sure they are enforced. State agencies help so that this is done.
  • But next time maybe not talk so much.
  • I can barely fit in the panel
  • Ok I get it
  • Let's go inside to learn some more about it
  • Ok kids next on our field trip is the Judicial branch
  • *chuckle* this time I already know. I don't need anybody else to tell me