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Updated: 9/4/2017
Mayan Storyboard
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  • Mayan Location/Time Period
  • During the time of 250 CE, the Mayans reached their golden age in the location of Guatemala all the way to Honduras.
  • Mayan Achievement #1
  • The Mayans were far more accurate than the Europeans- in fact, they could even predict solar eclipses!
  • Well, one Mayan achievement is their excellent knowledge of astronomy.
  • Mayan Achievement #2
  • Another Mayan achievement is our invention of zero. It definitely helps mathematicians.
  • Because of this concept, the Mayans were ahead of Europe, once again, for many centuries.
  • On a nice, sunny day you decide to go explore the unknown. Upon your adventure, you come across a field of corn (or rather, maize). Walking along a path that led inside, you come across a Mayan- or at least someone who looks like one! Excited at this opportunity, you greet him and inquire him about the Mayans. First, you ask about the time period and location of the Mayans.
  • Mayan Achievement #3
  • I suppose an interesting achievement is our three calendars, one in which has five days missing.
  • After receiving a response, you ask about the achievements of the Mayans. Given this question, the Mayan paces around, as if thinking. He then stops and replies with the following answer.
  • How did the Mayan Civilization End?
  • Four theories in which the Mayan Civilization could have come to an end is Warfare, Disease, Famine, or Disaster.
  • Intrigued, you questioned the Mayan again, with the same exact question. This time, the Mayan did not spend so much time pondering upon it, and immediately answered.
  • The End of the Mayans
  • I believe that both famine and environmental change has been the "culprit" of this matter, whilst working together, it can be destructive.
  • Curious to learn about one more achievement, you ask once again! He frowned, as if bored of the same question, but nevertheless answered with another achievement. For once you seem to notice the signs and papers popping up out of nowhere, but shrug as if you didn't
  • These calendars are useful in many ways- to know the agricultural cycle, to name one.
  • Calendar 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11...
  • Satisfied with those answers, you ask a different question- What are some of the theories in which the Mayans disappeared? The Mayan's eyes lit up at the sound of a new question, and he answered.
  • Unfortunately, one of these theories are unlikely to be true, which is most likely warfare. The Mayans were peaceful people, and only a huge war could have wiped them out, and who would have targeted them?
  • Thinking about what the man had said, you wonder about which of these theories were really true... So you finished off the inquiry with the question of 'Which theory is most likely true?'
  • With the bad use of "slash-and-burn" agriculture, there was most likely a time in which the ground had to "rest" for ten years, and that is when environmental change came in with a large drought.
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