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Updated: 12/4/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Bull
  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • By David Elliot. Storyboard by Paolo Wu.
  • Rising Action
  • Minos asks Poseidon to give him the kingdom of Crete. Poseidon obliges but asks for Minos to sacrifice a bull to him. Minos doesn't fulfill his promise and sacrifices another bull instead. Poseidon gets revenge by having the bull impregnate his wife."So this Minos, this 'king,' this two-faced turd, hid my bull and sacrificed another." "I named him Asterion Ruler of the Stars"
  • Climax
  • After Minos sees his first-born child, Asterion, he wants to lock him away. Minos's favorite sun is killed in Athens during the Olympics. Minos wants revenge on the Athenians after his son's death. He asks Daedalus to build a giant maze to trap Asterion in." So Athens will pay the heavy price" ""'You will build for me a labyrinth.'"
  • Resolution
  • Asterion, the minotaur, is trapped in the labyrinth built by Minos. Ariadne blackmails the engineer, Daedalus, into drilling a small hole into the maze so she can talk to Asterion. The minotaur becomes more resentful and angry. 14 Athenian youths are shipped to Crete to fight the minotaur."The labyrinth will become the bull-boy's home" "We whisper through the tiny opening Daedalus mad me"
  • Theseus volunteers to kill the minotaur. He befriends Ariadne and discovers that she has a way to get out of the maze. He tells her that he'll rescue her brother, Asterion, from the labyrinth. He goes instead and kills the minotaur."He will save Asterion...when he smiled and asked me fro the twine. I gave it" "Here then are his final words."
  • Asterion is left to rot in the maze. Ariadne goes back to Athens with Theseus believing that he did the right thing. She is betrayed and forgotten by Theseus. Poseiden goes back to the sea after giving Minos retribution for crossing him."He soon abandoned her" ""I need the sea! I miss the greens and blues and grays."
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