Indy Meets Jurassic World
Updated: 3/2/2021
Indy Meets Jurassic World

Storyboard Text

  • Indy and Owen arrive in New York City, the place they were told Dr. Wu had his laboratory, and the begin to look for it.
  • They come across this abandoned sewer entrance on the outskirts of the city miles from and civilization, and realize that it is covered in traps to prevent people from getting in.
  • Indy uses his skills to get through the traps and Owen follows into the underground laboratory.
  • The corridor is dark and long, and they can hear loud echoing rawr from the caged dinosaurs, but they proceed.
  • Indy and Owen find the end of the corridor and enter the lab, only to be immediately ceased by guards, and Dr. Wu says he was expecting them to show up. and Owen and Indy get thrown into a cell.
  • Dr. Wu stands outside their cell to tell them His ultimate plan to sell carnivores to all militaries for war purposes to make millions, and then he sets and Velociraptor free in the cage with them.