the story of Keb and Gilberta
Updated: 3/19/2020
the story of Keb and Gilberta

Storyboard Text

  • Keb is going to take Gilberta on a date. While he is waiting outside her work, he measures the distance from his head to the top of the lamppost to be 12 feet. The height of the lamp post is 10ft . He wonders what the angle of elevation from his head to the top of the lamppost is. He calculates that it is, tan-1(10/12). The angle of elevation is 39.8°
  • Keb knocks on the door of Gilberta's work. He waits patiently and take her out to dinner.
  • After Keb tucked in Gilbertas chair, he wonders how far apart they will be seated from each other. After she sits down he looks her toes at a 50 degree angle. The distance between her toes and his nose is 8ft. He uses sine to calculate how far apart there toes are, sin50=x/8 , which results with them with a 6.128 ft gap between them.
  • He looks at the roof of Gilbertas house. He notices the isosceles roof with a base of 10ft. The angle on top of the roof is 48 degrees. He wonder what the height of the roof is, he uses tan24=5/x to get 11.23ft high. After he tells Gilberta, she is confused.
  • Gilberta, the way I found the height of our roof truss was drawing a line from the top to the base which created two triangles. The angle 48/2 = 24 and the base 10/2 = 5.
  • Impressed by Kebs math knowledge, they got married and lived happily ever after under the 11.23ft tall roof.