Updated: 5/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • John Smith canceled tomorrow's appointment
  • Appt 1 CANCELED Appt 3 Appt 4
  • $$$ NO MONEY $$$ $$$
  • Now there is a gap in the Doctor's schedule
  • And now she'll miss out on seeing more patients and making money
  • Where's my next patient?
  • 3,784
  • And there is no way I can call that many patients to try and fill the gap by tomorrow
  • Patient Count:
  • Don't worry, we use Re-Book Pro which automatically texts patients and books them when there is a gap in the schedule.
  • Toothy Dental(226) 123-4567
  • You're due for a check-up! Please reply yes if you can make an appointment for 10am tomorrow
  • Yes
  • Schedule's full, the dentist is happy, and I didn't have to panic to fill it.
  • Appt 1 Appt 2 Appt 3 Appt 4